Six Unexplained Mysteries That are Not Revealed by Science

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Long ago people used to follow the customs, traditions, and methods followed by their ancestors. But technology developed and people learned many things from scientific evidences.

In this modern age, people ask reasons for everything. But there are certain things that remained as mysteries and are not explained by science. Let us know about them.

Placebo Effect

Mind shows its effect on the body. Suppose an empty capsule is given to a person who suffers from headache as a capsule for headache, it relieves headache. It was practically proved that placebo effect is there and shows effect on people. But even today it is not known how the placebo effect works on body.


It is a mystery whether ghosts are here or not as many people believe in them. But nobody could see them as they are sprits and they remain a mystery for science.

Unidentified Flying Objects

Many people reported that they saw the flying saucers, but there is no evidence. Even if there is evidence, the question where exactly are these flying objects coming from remains a mystery.

What Happens after Death

This is a million dollar question that cannot be explained even by the best of scientists. According to many religions, there is heaven and hell; all good people go to heaven and evil people go to hell. But nobody knows whether it true or not.

Living Beings on Other Planets

Scientists are still doing research to find whether there are living beings on other planet. But till today it is not clearly explained.

Psychic Powers

Many times we observe some people showing extraordinary psychic talents. It is clearly exhibited. So everybody knows there is a power, but is not explained by science why only some people are showing these talents and all cannot.

There are many such things that cannot be explained by science.
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