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True Friends.........

Friendship is not about “I m sorry “  its about “abbe  teri  galti hai “ 

Friendship is not about “I m there for u” or “I missed u “  it’s about 
“kahan marr gaya saale  “ 

Friendship is not about “I understand “  its about 
“sab teri wajah se hua manhus“ 

Friendship is not about “I care for u  “  its about 
“kamino tumhe chhod ke kahan jaunga “ 

Friendship is not about “I m happy for ur success
 “its about “chal party de saale“ 

Friendship is not about “I love that girl“  its about 
“saalo izzat se dekho tumhari bhabhi hain “

 Friendship is not about “R u coming for outing tomorrow “ its about “ nautanki nahi, hum kal bahar ja rahe hai “

  Friendship is not about “Get well soon “ its about “ Itni piyega toh yehi hoga“

Friendship is not about “All the best for ur career“ its about “ bahut hua, abhi toh switch mar saale“

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