WTF Moments(Very Funny)

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I hooked up with this really hot girl at a nightclub and we ended up going back to her place. When I told my friends about it the next day, they informed me that the girl used to be a guy who had recently had a sex change. WTF!

After a drunken night of over-spending, I decided to hide all my credit and debit cards for a while. I have no idea where I hid them! WTF!

Yesterday, after serving dinner to my boyfriend, I went to have a shower. I came back out to a clean plate and felt very proud of my cooking skills. Later while cleaning up, I saw the pasta in the bin! WTF!

Since my husband loves non-vegetarian food, and since we married recently, I decided to try making kheema for the first time to impress him. I slaved over it all evening and it turned out well, till the hubby ate some with bread and went, "Wow, this is some kickass bhurji." WTF!

At the airport one time I was asked to open my suitcase. Right on top was a pile of really raunchy underwear, along with matching whip and furry handcuffs that I had bought for my friend's bachelorette! WTF!

I was visiting a gynaecologist for the first time. As she was doing a vaginal examination, she thought it was more important to answer a personal phone call while I just lay there, completely exposed. WTF!

I went to a friends house for dinner one night and since it was her birthday, we popped open a bottle of champagne. I ended up drinking too much and spent the night there throwing up while her mother took care of me. WTF!

My friends and I were at a party when one of my friends accidently stepped on some broken glass. A doctor was called immediately because there was a lot of blood. When I went to console my friend, I fainted when I saw all the blood around her. The doctor ended up having to treat me first! WTF!

I dropped tomato ketchup on my crisp white shirt five minutes before an important office presentation. My colleague hurriedly put a big badge on it to cover up the stain, and I ran into the meeting. Turns out, the badge read, "Sluts R Us". WTF!

I fell asleep on the swing in the balcony one night and woke up to find the doors locked and the house in darkness. Just as I was climbing over into the balcony of my bedroom, the security guard saw me and woke up the whole building shouting "robber"! WTF!

For my two year anniversary, I decided to buy my girlfriend a Promise Ring. I withdrew a huge amount of money from the ATM and walked to the jewellery store, when I realised that my wallet had been stolen. WTF!

A friend of mine went to look at some newborn puppies and picked the one she wanted. A few weeks later, just as she was preparing to welcome the dog home, she got a phone call from the owners. The puppy had jumped out of their 10th floor window. WTF!

I called my boyfriend and yelled "I finally got my period; I was so worried after what happened last week!" He was driving and answered the call on speakerphone. Now his whole family knows. WTF!

Today I made a special dinner for my girlfriend. She got food poisoning the next day. WTF!

Bored at work, I decided to send my boyfriend an erotic email. After spending an hour writing it and telling him how bored I am at work and that I have spent the entire day thinking about him, I sent the mail to my boss instead. WTF!

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