Beware Guys!! This is modern day prayer of girls ( funny)

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For all the Girls to enjoy!!! &&& for all the boys to b careful!!!!
Prayer ::

Raghupati raghav raja ram
aisa var dena Bhagwan,
subah ko uthke jo chai banaye,
chai banakar mujhe uthaye
phir kahe ise peeo meri jaan...
aisa var dena Bhagwan !
Dopahr ko jab wo break mein aaye,
aake jaldi se lunch banaye,
phir kahe ise chakho meri jaan...
aisa war dena Bhagwan !
Sham ko jab wo office se aaye,
sare din ki kamaai pakdaaye,
phir kahe ise udao meri jaan...
aisa war dena Bhagwan !
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