Scorpio Female In Bed

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Scorpio Female In Bed horoscope sunsign astrology
To the female Scorpio, sex is all about the expression of love for their partner -- the utmost example of such expression, in fact. You are also very possessive of the one you love, and will allow no one else even the slightest access to them. You prefer not to advertise this dependency in public, however. Your lover is a devoted slave to your affections, and you prefer to keep it that way.If the situation should fly apart, however, you must not be held accountable for your actions, as a Scorpio under extreme emotional stress is capable of many strange and unpredictable actions. You have no use for the empty forms of romance, preferring instead a modulated exchange of genuine affection and tenderness, with a wealth of shared secrets.
Scorpio Female Bed horoscope sunsign astrology
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