India v/s Ireland - Watch it live with grilled delicacies only at Pool Side Grill

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Cambay Grandís newly launched restaurant "Pool Side Grill" is gearing up big way for India v/s Ireland match on Sunday i.e.,  March 6, with 
Huge projectors, Killer delicacies, and Cricketing Ambience.  Killer Griller's grilled delicacies like Killer's Cover Drive, Killer Sweeps, Killer Hook, Killer Bouncers, etc. will add extra zing to the event.
A special buffet is being planned for corporates & social gatherings for a special prize of Rs. 299 on Sunday.
  Only Limited Seats Available. Book now. Call 9909954896
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Cambay Grand B/H PERD Center, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054 9909954896
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