Avoid these mistakes while trying to lose weight

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Here is a list of some of the common mistakes people make whilst on a weight loss programme.

weight loss

Starving during the day and eating at night: This is the biggest blunder you can make. Our metabolism works to digest food and give us energy during the day while we are awake. As night falls and we go to sleep, the metabolic state lowers. The body, which during the day had transported energy to the muscles and liver for thinking and action, now diverts this energy to fat storage. If you really want to lose weight, it's best to eat during the day and restrict your eating at night.

Consuming hidden sugar: When people talk about not using sugar, they are usually referring to table sugar, used in tea/coffee. What they forget is the sugar found in mouth fresheners, gums, churans, ketchup, fruit juices et al. Though they may not taste sweet, many products contain sugar to improve their taste.

Consuming diet products: Here's the diet food paradox - people who eat diet foods generally forget to eat them in moderation. Instead they cross the limits and end up sabotaging their diet plan.

Using too much artificial sweetener: Artificial sweeteners are meant to be consumed in very small quantities, but most people on diets tend to use them too much. A simple diet drink is your total quota of sweetener allowed for the day. Anything more is excess and interferes in metabolic pathways.

Not keeping track of the munchies: We all munch a little bit when we come back home from work or elsewhere. A bit of biscuit, a half piece of mithai, a few kajus here and there. If we add all this up, however, we will realise that it totals to a substantial amount. Keeping a diet diary is the biggest favour you can do to yourself if you sincerely want to lose weight.

Not eating the foods that suit your body: I remember meeting a lady who ate only curd and fruits to lose weight. When she came to us, she was going crazy because the diet just did not work. On analysing her prakriti, doctors realised that she was a kapha predominant person. Curd and all dairy products are heavy on kapha and because the food was unsuitable for her prakriti, she was unable to lose weight.

Not drinking enough water/drinking with meals: Drinking water along with meals leads to indigestion and obesity. Also if you don't drink enough water, the channels will not open up to flush fat away from the system after catabolic metabolism.

weight loss
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