Taurus Male In Bed

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Taurus Male In Bed astrology sunsign

A Taurus male regards sex as one of the most natural pleasures in the world -- and you need a steady diet of it in order to keep from becoming grouchy! Nudity is no shame for you, as you feel completely comfortable inside of your skin regardless of how you look in terms of artificial standards of attraction. Sex is never some sort of power game for you -- it is always about maximum pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Nothing kinky here, either -- you prefer to play it straight down the middle. You have a tendency to prefer sexual partners with a bit of meat on their bones, as those with excessive slimness tend to evoke unpalatable visions of pedophilia in your mind. You take all your entertainments seriously, and sex is no exception!
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Taurus Male Bed astrology sunsign
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 i am a male ,i am searching a sex partner
 By : shashi on Jul 14, 2007 06:49 am
 i donot want
 By : ravi on Jul 14, 2007 06:50 am
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