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So, you have won the girlfriend you always dreamed about but do you know what you should be doing and more importantly, not saying to sustain this relationship? If not, take some clues from here dating tips
1. Preaching Her Not To Get Emotional

Apart from a few exceptions, women continue to be the most emotional of all the genders. Periodic and inexplicable bouts of crying, getting teary-eyed over seemingly regular conversations or becoming explicitly possessive about your whereabouts is perhaps coded in the female DNA. The worst thing you can say during such situations is preaching her “not to get too emotional”. This is almost parallel to asking women not to talk that is simply against the rules of human evolution!
2. Talking About How Much Money You Really Have & How You Handle It
Okay, you are dating the self-driven, contemporary woman who likes to spend even when you two are together but sometimes it is wiser to guard your own interest. Agreed, that being and acting rich gives you a sense of self-worthiness but this doesn’t mean you have to be absolutely honest with how much money you have at your disposal. Ensure that you don’t divulge details about how you spend money on your friends or hobbies. Don’t brag about your savings or how much money you are about to inherit. When it comes to financials, keep it simple—she doesn’t need to know where it came from and how much more is coming your way.
3. Relating Her Behavior To Her Hormonal Cycles
Asking your girlfriend whether she is PMS(ing) or if it is that time of the month again and suggesting this as the reason behind her irritable behavior can make you look insensitive or inconsiderate. Menstruation puts forth so many confusing symptoms that even some women don’t realize that they are already into their next cycle. So, it is better to refrain from giving wings to the budding doctor inside you and keep your mouth shut even when it is plainly obvious.
4. Asking About Her Sexual Past Doesn't Help Anybody
Yes, everybody thinks about it, i.e. the kind of sexual experiences your partner has had. However, you need to question yourself—how does this information really help?Apart from making you mad with jealousy or making her extremely uncomfortable, such questions don’t solve any purpose.
5. Commenting About Her Make-Up Free Look Just Isn't Cool Buddy

The first few dates are bound to bring out the best in her in terms of how she presents herself. However, you cannot expect her to be the picture of absolute perfection on every occasion. She is bound to show-up in her casual, normal attire where the missing make-up is likely to make her appear a bit less gorgeous. Accept this as a part of your relationship. Even if you don’t like it, never comment about it—it will only make you look shallow.
6. Suggesting Couple Activities That You Are Not Likely To Follow
Suggesting things like dieting or exercising together might seem fun at the outset and the “couple” thing to do but such commitments can soon become a burden. Apart from members of the extreme metro-sexual clan, women still emerge as clear winners when it comes to following self-improvement schedules. You might commit to such activities with the thought of exploring how things develop but your girlfriend might already be counting upon your dedication towards it. Unless, it becomes absolute unavoidable, abstain from such emotional obligations.
7. Asking About Her Self-Pleasuring Indulgences
As guys, we do it commonly and discuss it among ourselves with absolutely no hesitation. However, the scenario isn't as liberating in the female domain and that includes your girlfriend. Asking about whether she indulges in pleasuring herself or the frequency of “it” can make the entire conversation go awry apart from making her feel embarrassed or tongue-tied. Unless you feel this topic emerging as a natural outcome of a situation or a conversation, stay away from it.
8. Talking in Detail About Your Relationships
Many men have committed the eternal sin of detailing their past love lives, the kind of women they dated and how their past relationships worked or failed. Yes, you do need to talk about your romantic liaisons but this doesn’t mean detailing it to the extent that your girlfriend can start noticing dating or break-up patterns. The idea is to allow her to know your past but not providing so much information that she can dissect your psyche.
9. Discriminating Her Outfits or Hairstyle
No matter how progressive your girl is, her hair and her choice of clothes are bound to be two things that she will obsess about—these typical feminine traits had probably started during the Neanderthal Age and they still exist. Your opinion is valid in itself but never let it become a critical observation. Restrain the enthusiastic critique in you and it will probably save you at least a dozen ugly arguments.
10. Making Comparisons That Are Sure To Drive Her Nuts
There are some comparisons that can literally drive women crazy. This includes her mother, your mother, your ex, her sister and her best friend. If you feel like comparing here to someone, pick a character from a TV series or a movie, at least that doesn’t endanger your physical well-being! 
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 Ah , Wow .:p This is a great post.Its tell us How should we Affair with a girl.thnk you brother for your post. I'll Try it. :p .
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