Mayawati plays poll card with split-UP resolution

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday virtually muzzled through the Opposition to get the resolution - to split the state into four parts - passed in the Assembly by a voice vote.
The Samajwadi Party and the rest of the Opposition called it unconstitutional and a political gimmick ahead of the election, while Mayawati took just ten minutes to bulldoze her resolution on splitting the state.
"For a long time my opponents have been saying that my decision to split the state is a political stunt. I wish to clarify it's not," said BSP supremo Mayawati.
The day's proceedings had Mayawati's stamp embedded all over. The list of business released didn't include the state division proposal, but the moment the vote on account was passed, she herself chose to make a dramatic entry inside the assembly and table the Cabinet resolution.
Mayawati, UP, Utter Pradesh
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