Har ek BOSS jaruri hota hai -- funny Office poem

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Chai k Liye jaise Toast hota hai,funny boss

Waise har ek BOSS zaruri hota hai.

Koi friday evening  review par bulaye

Koi saturday ko office bulaye

Ek tere idea ko apna bataye,

Aur Ek tera target har month badhaye

Koi nature se gentle,

koi mental  hota hai,

Par har ek boss zaruri  hota hai.

Ek ghadi ghadi reviewi kare,  par kabhi kabhi advice de

Ek kabhi kabhi review kare, aur ghadi ghadi advice de

Koi Gyan ka ghoomta phirta satellite,

Koi din raat rakhe team ko  tight;

Koi welcomed hai, koi forced hota hai

Par har ek boss zaruri hota hai

Koi bossy boss,

koi friendly  boss

Koi! Data crazy excel boss.

Moody boss, koi  gloomy boss

Early morning office aane wala Boss,

Koi late night jaane wala Boss

Koi promote na kare aur appraisal me tarsaye

Koi good suggestion ko bhi  thukhraye

Koi best friend aur, koi aloof hota hai

Par har ek boss Zaruri hota hai !!!

Keep Smiling :)
funny boss, poem
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