Love Personality as per your Ruling Number

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Know your personality as per your Ruling Number
ruling number

Ruling Numbers for different dates are given below.

1 - 1st, 1oth ,19th, 28th

2 - 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

3 - 3rd, 12th,21st, 30th

4 - 4th , 13th,22st, 31st

5 - 5th, 14th,23rd,

6 - 6th, 15th,24th

7 - 7th, 16th,25th

8 - 8th, 17th,26th

9 - 9th, 18th,27th

If your ruling number is 1, will you be passionate, romantic or adventurous? Will you be an impressive date?

1 Your adventurous nature makes your love life highly passionate and your mate will never have a dull moment with you around. Short romantic vacations will make your love life exciting. You have the elegance and charm to impress your date and make sure he or she has a good time.

2 You are a bit cautious and you keep your feelings guarded. Your bruised ego from a failed relationship may lead to an unsatisfactory love life. Your dating style needs a lot of improvement. You need to be a bit more socail and let your guard down.

3 You are an optimistic and fun loving person. You meet new people all the time and your chances of falling in love more than once are quite high. You are a serial dater and will enjoy the time that you spend with your date having as much fun as you possibly can!

4 Your conservative nature and your busy schedule leaves no room for love and increases the chances of love life being a little dull. Although you like the idea of falling in love you hardly ever have the time for it. To enjoy dating you need to expand your social circle and meet new people.

5 You seek freedom no matter what you do. You will want to have a very understanding mate who gives you enough space and freedom to do what you want. A nagging wife is definitely not your cup of tea! Your dating style is quite cool and you have a unique style of your own which is quite impressive

6 You are a responsible person and are not too much into fairytale romances. You will be equally happy with someone who is sensible and has much in common with you. It's not just looks that draws you to your mate. When you date someone, you like to take things slow and never jump into a relationship.

7 You find it hard to express your feelings and get close to people. Chances of your having one sided relationships are quite high. But when you do have that special someone in your life, you will do everything you can to make him or her happy. You make friends but hardly ever go out on romantic dates.

8 You like to be in control of your love life. You will not settle for anything less than true love. You want complete honesty and loyalty from your mate. Chances of your getting jealous are quite high. When it comes to dating, you need to learn to be a bit more subtle and not interrogate your date on the first meeting itself!

9 You believe in passionate romances. Your marriage will be a dramatic affair and will surely be a love match. Your romantic affair will definitely get toungues wagging. When it come to dating you are a pro. You need no tips or advice and you know exactly how to get what you want.

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