M.F. Hussain controversial paintings

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I don’t want M.F Hussain Back

I’m tired of explaining things on twitter and chat so i decided i will write a blog post to consolidate my thoughts and present it in an orderly and clear manner without any confusion.



M.F.Hussain the great artist whom many people are brooding over, his loss of Indian citizenship and want him back, is my subject for discussion. People are pissed off that the Hindu religious right over reacted and made him decide to give up his Indian citizenship for a Qatar one. People demand that India should extend an offer to bring him back and offer an apology as well. People claim that 
“Art” and “Freedom of Expression” is above everything and no one has the right to not get offended. Artists should have no boundaries or restrictions and that they should be beyond offense & hurt.



I have no religious beliefs. I’m an outspoken atheist, no not the Karunanidhi kinds who love to blaspheme forward caste Hindu gods. I blaspheme all gods. I don’t care who gets offended and who does not. To me all god is blasphemy material and i will blaspheme things to death. I do not care who blasphemes what god and who gets offended. Blasphemy is a victimless crime. I do not support someone not to be offended at all.


Main Summary:

My Objective of this article is to strike a logical balance. We all know that India has blasphemy laws. Even though it sounds like stone age, yes in this country one cannot offend religious sentiments of another and get away with it. While i do not support this law i have to live with it for the time being until it is thrown to the dustbin like how criminalizing gays was trashed recently. It is in this context my argument is going to be. I’m all in support of freedom of expression. It should be applicable to all. Freedom of expression is not Selective. It is applicable to one and all. Just like how i love to call Mohammed a Pedophile, someone else should also have the freedom of expression to call Lord Shiva a murderous bastard. I cannot cry foul when someone else insults Shiva whilst i insult Prophet Mohammed or Vice Versa.


The Material:

I would like to show some of the images that MF Hussain drew that erected violence and criticism across the nation.


A fully dressed Muslim king and a naked Hindu Brahmin. While the Muslim king is shown in a dignified manner the Brahmin is butt naked. Brahmins are respected across India for their religious significance in the Hindu Dharma. Insulting a Brahmin Priest is equivalent to insulting a Imam or a Bishop.


Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita both shown naked. Additionally the naked Sita sits on Ravanan’s lap. Sita is a symbol of chastity and divinity according to Hindu’s. So much that mythology states that she could not be burnt by the flames when her husband Rama asked her to take the test. To depict Sita sitting butt naked on a naked Ravanan’s lap is nothing short of insult.



Draupadi shown naked. Whilst one can dismiss this is as not so bad it still could offend people nevertheless.



Goddess Parvati depicted naked. Additionally i see her carrying or touching a naked vinayaka (her son) as well. What does this mean. She is aroused by her own son?


Goddess Saraswati depicted naked.


Goddess Lakshmi painted naked on Lord Ganesh’s head. Again compromising positions of gods and goddesses that may provoke anger.



Goddess Durga shown in an union with a Tiger. Notice how the anal sections of the human woman and the tiger collide in the drawing suggesting a copulation.



Here are some images the same person(artist) drew, in this case they are either Muslims or Christians…

Muslim poets Ghalib and Faiz shown properly and fully attired in a nice way


A fully clothed Muslim lady. Simple and elegant drawing. I don’t see how this lady could be a Muslim, maybe she does not have a bindi, thats why?


A painting of MF Hussain’s mother – properly and fully clothed.



Mother Teresa shown fully clothed.



Hussain’s daughter painted fully and properly clothed.



A properly and fully-clothed Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter (from one the innumerable number of women he raped/impregnated or forcibly married).



My Conclusion:

It is distinctly evident from MF Husain’s work that he likes to play spoil sport with Hindu items and he treats his own Muslim brethren and Christians with respect. When i say Hindu i refer to the followers of the religion called “Hinduism” that it is known today. It is evident that if MFH paints a picture of prophet Mohammed he would not have his hands to wash his rectal cavity after taking a dump, the next time around. The same can be said if he paints a picture of Mother Teresa in a bikini or say naked.

1. I’m happy that he has the balls to blaspheme against Hindu Gods. I don’t care, god does not exist and insulting a non existing entity is not a criminal offence in my opinion. Like i said earlier, blasphemy is a victimless crime.

2. Applying the same logic Christian & Muslims gods don’t exist as well. Hence offending their gods should not be a big ass problem as well. Unfortunately no, in this country secularism means bashing the majority to appease the minority. We all know what Taslima’s Burkha article did and how many lives were lost because someone wrote something about a piece of clothing & commented on a religious text from their personal opinion.

3. Just as Muslims & Christians have the constitutional right to feel offended (ironically) so do Hindu’s have the right to feel offended if someone depicts a mother god and her  son god to be copulating or performing sexual deeds to each other.

4. To bring back M.F. Hussain or to apologize to him would be hypocrisy. If M.F. Hussain deems an apology and needs to be brought back to India and given safe custody and citizenship then i demand Salman Rushdie to be awarded $100 million dollars and an apology for his work being banned. I also propose that we compensate Dan Brown and Sony Pictures with a $500 Million cheque and apology and we will screen “The Da Vinci Code” all over again in all theaters and govt. offices and public places across India.

5. It is pretty obvious neither will we allow “Satanic Verses” nor do we tolerate The “Da Vinci Code” movie. Both of them are an item that indicate “Freedom of Expression” and “Artistic Expression” as well just like MF Hussain’s paintings do.

6. If we cannot tolerate one, then the other cannot be tolerated as well.

7. It is hypocrisy and unfair to say that someone can offend Hindu’s and not face the consequences but Muslims or Christians should NEVER be offended at no cost even if they outrightly offend the Hindu’s.


I don’t care for Muslims or Christians or Hindu’s. I do however care when one of them is being subject to insult to appease the other or question one of them while they insult the other will generate violence and commotion. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, even if that law is stupid to claim one cannot be offended at all (on religious grounds) like how it is in India.

M.F Hussain is no holier than Dan Brown or Salman Rushdie. Nor is he exclusive from the Danish Newspaper who were brought to their knees for publishing a silly [no swearing please]ing cartoon. For all i care, M.F Hussain can go to hell. I care less. Let him practice his “Freedom of Expression” by painting Mohammed in Qatar, if he has the balls to. If only he can play around with Islamic or Christian figures like he does with Hindu figures and then demands that people should not feel offended, i would consider him to be a true secularist and would voice my support to bring him back. Until then, let him scramble in the desert and drink crude oil for time pass. He is a mere perverted Muslim [how wude!] who wants to offend Hindu’s and take cover under the blanket of “Art” & “Freedom of Expression” and play politics with our skewed idea of secularism which applies only to Muslims & Christians while Hindu’s can be offended and abused without any question.

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M.F. Hussain, controversial paintings
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 I got the same doubt that why didnt our secular MF Hussain couldnt imagine naked Prophet Muhammad or why didnt he pervert his own religious beliefs. Man I dont think this is secularism. If the same thing is done to Prophet Muhammad in the same Qatar, he would have been hanged to death.
 By : Kiran on Jun 12, 2011 12:43 pm
 It is clear that biases and irresponsible crap like MF Hussain should never be allowed to come to India .. this kind of people is very suited in Pakistan .. and may he die in hell there
 By : abhymax on 13 Jun 2011 06:56 am
 I meant .. its good now that he is in hell
 By : abhymax on 13 Jun 2011 07:05 am
 This is completely ridiculous that the man and such a old man he is not respecting the religion and i dont think that he can be a pure muslim as well if he doesnt care of others emotions,this is completely illegal and no one has rights to play with religious sentiments
 By : Mirwaiz khan on Sep 09, 2011 09:16 pm
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