9 things you should never assume at work

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Do you feel that all your colleagues are friends? Or that your life is all about your job? You could be wrong.

Workplace myths

We often make bad assumptions and then become disappointed when situations donot work out.

My job completes me - It's not your whole life, avoid the Work, Sleep, Repeat cycle or else your sense of self will erode any time your job disappoints you, reports the New York Daily News.

My boss reads my mind - Lobby for your promotion and take the initiative of talking to your boss about it. Many workers make the mistake of not engaging in any self-promotion at all - and then suffer the crushing disappointment of not receiving a pay raise, or a promotion.

Co-workers are friends - Although you may find friends at work, it's very important to draw boundaries. Unlike friendships or romances gone awry, you have no choice but to see your co-workers every single workday.

Salaries are set fairly - It's your responsibility to negotiate for a higher salary. Employers will pay what they feel they need to pay to hire and keep an employee, and nothing more.

H.R. is here to help me - They will help you, but their true job is to protect the organization. There are certain areas in which it may be best not to seek the H.R. department's assistance, such as using them as a shoulder to cry on for your every workplace woe.

You aren't indispensable - Millions of workers learned that their jobs are not as secure as they once thought. Being valuable is realistic, feeling irreplaceable is not.

My personal life is my business - only as long as something that reflects poorly upon your employer. For example, you're probably not free to bad-mouth them on Facebook. Even if you do not face disciplinary action, your future career will take a hit.

I'll sue - Don't be naive. Filing a lawsuit alone takes a lot of money. Even if you are right, sometimes your only decision is whether to stay or to go. Righting wrongs can be a very costly mission.

My bosses are cool when i slack off - Do not take your job for granted. While you're accepting their pay, it's important to honour your end of the bargain, or expect them to reward your poor attitude by bestowing your job to someone who actually wants it. (ANI)

Workplace myths
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