Top ten tips on how not to get Fired

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Does the fear of being sacked haunts you all time?You are fired

well, here are top ten tips on being a valued member of staff:

1. Assess your job skills, education and accomplishments

your job training current, your skills valuable in today's job market and your performance effective? If your career or job requires regular skills updates or job training, stay on top of it, reports the Scotsman.

2. Keep your skills polished.

If your biggest qualification for your job is that you've been doing it for ten years, consider taking a refresher job-training course. Adult education classes or night school is a great way to expand your job skills and broaden your horizons.

3. Know who's looking for staff in your field.

What skills, education and job training are employers looking for? If you were unemployed, could you apply for the open positions?

4. Track the latest job market trends.

Stay up to date with industry events, changes and news. Read newspapers, journals and trade magazines, and talk to colleagues to improve your performance.

5. Hone your networking skills.

Whether you're planning to stay with your employer, looking to negotiate a raise or looking for a new job, keep networking.

6. Update your CV regularly.

Add your new responsibilities, changes in job title, professional associations, volunteer work, etc.

7. Take care of yourself.

Get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. Deal with mental, emotional, or spiritual issues; don't ignore your problems.

8. Dress professionally.

Take pride in your appearance; if you're not into the current fashion, ask your partner or a salesperson to make sure you're well dressed.

9. Practice the basics.

Get to work, meetings and workshops on time. Do your job well. If you can't meet deadlines, get support. Be reliable, consistent and trustworthy.

10. Be positive about your long-term career success.

Avoid slandering your colleagues or gossiping about your supervisors. Be slow to criticise your clients. And be as positive as possible about your future. (ANI)

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