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Jimmy Shergill in MAHINDRA VERITO Commercial Ad

Film star Jimmy Shergill has been selected to be the Brand Ambassador for the New Mahindra Verito. Mahindra Verito is said to be the rebranding of Mahindra Renault Logan i.e a new Logan but without Renault.

Jimmy Shergill in MAHINDRA VERITO

The commercial advertisement has not yet been aired on TV but is available on the Internet. Fans of Mahindra can join the Group at http://www.facebook.com/mahindraverito . What is more amusing about the commercial is that Jimmy has played a typical Punjabi guy’s role full of anger and attitude. The commercial storyline goes like this: Jimmy accompanied by his wife/girlfriend  (kriti kharbanda from South India)  in Verito are coming out of a parking lot. Just then 3 guys in a sports car with loud music start honking jimmy’s car verito.

To this Jimmy’s Blood Pressure rises and comes out of the car in spite of his wife stopping him. Anyone who has seen the latest Punjabi films of Jimmy “MEL KARA DE RABBA” & “DHARTI” can easily find the similarity in the role played by Jimmy in the commercial and his films. Jimmy Shergill is the new Angry Young Man round the corner.

Also watch the TV Commercial embedded in this post.

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Jimmy Shergill, MAHINDRA VERITO add, kriti kharbanda
Posted By : vikas

 Really Nice commercial I have seen it!! Jimmy just rocks in this Verito add.
 By : Christino on 23 Aug 2011 04:26 am
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